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I love working with Women CEOs, Top Influencers & Corporations who are passionate about how they serve & show up.

If you’re looking to:

  • Be more creative, focused and productive in less time
  • Swap hustle for holistic living as an entrepreneur or corporate professional

  • Create harmony between an efficient body and a powerful business

  • Connect with a community of like-minded people who can hold you accountable

  • Set new standards in your industry with a streamlined, holistic wellness strategy

You’re in the right place! Take a closer look…

Angela has been dubbed the Queen of Wellness. She has quickly become a top wellness expert and advocate for women entrepreneurs and corporate professionals. When it comes to wellness, Angela has a clear stance: Ditch the stress & grab a strategy that works. As a devout vegan and serial entrepreneur, she endorses the use of whole foods, nutrient dense sources to steer focus, drive creativity and increase productivity in business.

After just a few moments with her, you’ll notice that Angela has a brilliant mind in the wellness and business space alike. The native Atlantan earned her Bachelors of Cardiopulmonary Care Sciences (BS) from Georgia State University and her Masters of Medical Science in Anesthesiology (MMSc, AA-C) from Emory University School of Medicine. Her own thirst for knowledge on holistic wellness lead her to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and also become a Reiki Master.  Angela also embarked on a journey through Ancient Kemet (Egypt) where she became a Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor. She teaches regularly in two locations around Atlanta.  Angela specializes in Meditations, Relaxation, Stress Management & Resilience Training for Entrepreneurs & Corporations alike.

She has an impressive background in modern medicine, holistic nutrition, physical fitness and spirituality. Angela is a walking wealth of information. She teaches women entrepreneurs a full circle approach to wellness that has allowed them exponential growth in their companies. Coupled with a holistic health & wellness career that spans over 18 years, her knowledge and experience make her a powerhouse in the Wellness & Business space.

As an Award-Winning International speaker and coach, she continues to be featured as a wellness expert, magazine contributor and radio show guest. Tribe building and community support is the cornerstone of her belief.

Angela is the Founder of the Queen of Wellness brand, which unites women in wealth and wellness globally. She focuses on holistic wellness while building wealth in business for the woman entrepreneur. The Royal Wellness Tribe creates a safe space for women in business to get clear on their wellness strategy and blend it with their business one. It boasts a community of powerhouse women in business who are changing the game with their health and fitness journeys.